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Lady Macbeth Played Wing Defence - Crash Theatre Co (Fringe World 2024)

Updated: Jan 24

Reviewed by Jordan D'Arcy


Editor Note: We have been told that the show will be remounted at the Rechabite Main Hall in March 2024. So if you missed out on catching their sell-out Fringe World season, keep your eyes peeled for that!

Crash Theatre’s Lady Macbeth Played Wing Defence is cleverly devised and expertly performed. If you’re looking for the ultimate Fringe show, this is it.

The script very cleverly brings the original Shakespeare into the context of an aggressively Australian year 11 netball team. There were excerpts from Macbeth woven into the script, which were delivered effortlessly by every actor. If one were less familiar with Shakespeare, one almost might miss these parts due to how seamlessly they were included. The cast should absolutely be commended on their ability to switch between the incredibly dramatic Shakespearean excerpts and their much more comedic modernised lines.

This show was the definition of an ensemble piece, with every actor getting the opportunity to shine. Courtney McManus was an excellent caricature in the role of Coach Duncan – I felt like I was back on the court myself. Orla Poole was strong as Macbeth and was a very believable backstabbing best friend to Kate Sisley’s beautifully played Summer Banquo. Rebecca Collins was a good juxtaposition as the token goth team member. Georgia McGivern as Brooke Ross and Andrea Lim as Jess Malcolm very quickly became audience favourites for entirely different reasons; Andrea’s spontaneous aggression and Georgia’s gentle vagueness. Shannon Rogers as Chloe McDuff and Ana Ferreira Manhoso as Mia Porter were both excellent as Macbeth’s nemeses, getting in the way of her captaincy.

The choreography was both intricate and brilliantly thought out. Choreographer Shannon Rogers brought her personal, distinctive style to it, and as a result, the performers never once seemed like they were struggling for space in the limited performance space the venue was able to provide. The opening number was deliberately reminiscent of a netball training session, eliciting a few giggles from audience members.

This Fringe season has totally sold out already, but if Crash Theatre chooses to reuse this script it is definitely one to catch.

The cast of Lady Macbeth Played Wing Defence. Promotional Image provided by company.

Reviewer Note: Tickets for this review were provided by the theatre company.



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