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Last Call - Kalamunda Dramatic Society

Reviewed by Kelly Salathiel


It's always great to see an Australian play being presented, especially one I am not familiar with. KADS' first season for 2024 is Sean Guy's Last Call, which is set in modern-day Melbourne.

The idea of Last Call is how three seemingly different situations - a first date, death walking into a bar near last drinks, and three ladies in a 'book club' - can actually entwine and how our choices can lead to devastating consequences.

Now those familiar with KADS, know the stage isn't the biggest, so shout out to set designers Ken MacLeod and Jay Shaw for the effective construction to get two different houses and a bar on the stage, and to Alex Tickner for the lighting design that added to the distinction of space.

There was many a laugh coming from the audience throughout the performance. I noticed that there was a variation in experience from the actors in terms of emotion and projection, with a few lines dropped here and there that the more experienced actors helped pick up so the story could continue. It can be a little distracting for the audience to see 'frozen' cast members moving in the background, which is also something that a few actors need to work on.

Compliments to Jay Shaw as Death, both in her performance and her costume. Her stoic and straight-laced portrayal of the 'bringer of the end' was a standout from the other animated performances. Moving away from the traditional black cape we are used to seeing the character in and having a Bluetooth earpiece, added to the character.

Personally, I sit on the fence when it comes to performers breaking the so-called 'fourth wall' and talking directly to the audience. If it brings something to the story or is a necessity, like a narrator, then I'm all for it. The 'breaks' that were spotted through the first half of the show I didn't feel were necessary, but that could be more down to the script than the direction.

Now small warning here, the show does have a dark ending but there is a reason Death is a character. Well done to all involved.

Last Call Poster - provided by theatre company.

Reviewer Note: Tickets for this review were provided by the theatre company.


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