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Sweaty Girlz (Summer Nights)

Reviewed by Kelly Salathiel


People often visit the performing arts to be entertained. This in itself can take on many forms - dance, musical theatre, play, comedy etc but they usually follow a path of some point. Making the audience think, to help them escape into an unknown world for a short period or, simply, to entertain.

Often theatre companies like to stretch these norms by trying something new, or combining a few different aspects in a completely new creation, as is the case with Sweaty Girlz, part of the Summer Nights season at the Blue Room Theatre in Northbridge, a short 45-minute performance.

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This interactive performance piece, presented by Zendra Giraudo, Marli Jupiter and Jo Cooper, is a blend of ballet and contemporary with modern and hip-hop influences, theatre and a bit of audience participation. The games the audience members were asked to participate in added some funny and inventive moments to the performance.

The Kaos Room at Blue Room Theatre was perfect for this three-person performance. The music (Liam Downey) was abstract but suited the piece, and the lighting (designed by Holland Brooks) also worked very well.

Creating a new piece of theatre can present its challenges and I applaud all involved for going out on that limb. Having watched the performance and read everything I was sent about it, I am still at a bit of a loss as to what the piece was actually about. It had funny moments and the dance was high quality and very entertaining. If the performers don't have a dancing background, they must have spent a great deal of time perfecting the execution and the timing as it was almost flawless, but I failed to find the storyline I was looking for in what I was watching.

Whilst this show may not have been for me, fans of the abstract and absurd will likely find entertainment in the Sweaty Girlz.

The cast of Sweaty Girlz. Image credit: Lara Dorling.

Reviewer Note: Tickets for this review were provided by the theatre company.


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