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Moist! - Express Move Me & Scratch Arts (Fringe World 2024)

Reviewed by Kate O'Sullivan


When a show comes with accolades from Adelaide Fringe, you know you're in for a good time, and Moist! does not disappoint.

When you put on paper that the plot is about someone going on a search for water in a dystopian future, you'd be forgiven for thinking of serious drama. This show is anything but. With an abundance of circus acts, from acrobatics to whip cracking, hoops and Cyr wheel, with performers who are clearly masters of their skills. But rather than going for the slick and glam, throw in bubble guns, locker-room style towel work and as many sexually charged moves as you can poke a stick at. It's here, it's queer, get on board.

And it works brilliantly. The audience is along for the ride, watching this futuristic sideshow where everyone wears matching jockstraps and blue leotards. The routines go from deceptively simple to complex, building to an ode to Botticelli and neon. The performers are all not afraid to get right up close and personal with the audience as well, but keep us engaged rather than concerned we'll get pulled up with them. Although, you might get recruited to help with a rather moist jockstrap if you're lucky.

The music choices and the lighting add to the show, keeping the energy going. The use of blacklight is particularly successful, highlighting props and costuming perfectly. And my inner stage manager was so pleased when the cast mopped up after themselves, with the hilarious use of WAP by Cardi B.

I will also shout out the body diversity in this show. So often we see one body type on the stage in these burlesque-acro-circus style shows. But here, all bodies are represented, and really prove that you can perform and show off your talent regardless of what you look like.

What the show lacks in "glamour", it makes up for in humour, energy and absurdism. And it's wonderful. The audience was laughing and cheering from start to finish, including a particularly enthused grandmother in the front row (shake that cane!). And look, it's in the title. If you're coming to this show, you should also prepare to get a little Moist.

The cast of Moist! Image credit: Matt Didcoe

Reviewer Note: Tickets for this show were provided by the theatre company.


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